Cycling Event Meetings

Cycling can be used to keep fit or it could be geared towards raising awareness on different issues in the society or even raising funds for a special purpose. Organising a cycling event requires meticulous planning and collaboration with different stakeholders in the community. This is the essence for different meetings held in meeting rooms in leicester during the planning stage. The following are the main reasons why meetings are necessary.

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Planning purposes

For a big cycling race, there are numerous decisions that are required in collaboration with leaders in the community as well as the government, for example, a decision on the best route to use in order to ensure minimal interruption of day to day activities in the community. This should be arrived at through discussions with the business community since a simple disruption in business could have devastating effects on their bottom line.

The second decision is usually the best time to hold the event. This could be informed by such factors as the forecasted weather conditions, the major events that take place in that community, school holidays, the availability of finances to organise the event as well as the best time to seek sponsorship for the event.

The third decision point is to determine the communication strategies to be used to communicate to participants, the residents of the community and other stakeholders. It is important to ensure the information is circulated to all corners of the community such that community residents know what is expected of them- like removing their vehicles from the road- and could make the necessary arrangements to either participate or stay away from the event.


All events require to be licensed. As such, it is necessary to meet with the council in order to determine the licenses required, the period of time required to acquire them, the fees charged, the application process and where the organisers need to go in order to get the licenses.

Allocation of resources

The success of the event is usually informed by the resources allocated including financial resources, human effort, equipment and the necessary tools. Through the meetings, the organisers of the cycling events could request for allocation of more patrol policemen on the day of the event, recruitment of employees or volunteers to usher people, distribute refreshments, train the residents on the topic of the day or to create awareness on different issues.

The meetings can also be held using modern techniques in the case that meeting in person is not possible preventing derailing the planning process due to absence of a few individuals. However, the importance of meetings during the planning stage cannot be overestimated.